100% Vegan, for Good Taste and Good Vibes

We’re not preachy, we just keep the animal parts out of the ol food box. We’re still maxin’ on the flavor though, with zero gluten and no corny-ass corn syrup either.

Powered by Tradecraft Farms

Better Days depends first and foremost on a better grow. Our in-house farms are state-of-the-art.

Because we have always been a patient-driven company we have had to learn to grow many strains— usually at the same time— to satisfy the myriad of ailments our patients suffer. Many growers learn to grow one large yielding sativa and that’s it, over and over. They sell it all to one buyer who eventually distributes the generic product to distributers.  We are completely vertically integrated, that means we grow everything for ourselves— no middle man.   What our patients get is  something we grew right here under our roof, which is why we grow dozens of different strains together, sometimes as many as 50 strains in one super room! We regularly hunt for phenomes, turning our facilities into huge R/D labs.  This is not cheap. It is very time consuming and labor intensive. We do it because that is how you stay ahead of the strain game— and we always have medical quality cannabis for people who need it.

  • Organic Cultivation

  • Meticulous controls and testing

  • Artisanal strains

  • Best practice sustainable farming

Tradecraft farms are a founded, owned and operated by Dub Brothers. Always growing the best, naturally.

We Made a Better Batter

We start with our own strains of organically grown, in-house cannabis, carefully harvested at peak timing when trichomes are at optimum maturity– we never rush it. Then we take it even more slowly when we meticulously combine select buds with vegan coconut oil to produce the cannabutter. To ensure we fully extract the naturally occurring compounds into the butter, we slow steep the ingredients at a precise temperature for up to seven hours. Once our cannabutter is produced, we carefully combine other natural ingredients to create a smoothe tasting batter that’s intricately tested for THC content.

Better Opportunities

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Baking is just a part of it, we grow our own

We never source out

Before our cannabis is cooked up into a delicious treat, we’re laboring in grow house to perfect our unique strains and ensure optimum potency. We have a system, perfected over the years, that yields the purest, stickiest indicas, sativas and hybrids on the planet. Because these are our babies, we have an accurate knowledge base of THC ratio and take the guesswork out of the baking process.

The slow and the furious

Small batch baking

It’s time consuming, yeah, like a 15 hour process, but in the world of edibles, haste makes waste… or at least a lesser treat. So all of our baked-goods are managed in small batches, fewer than 100 servings, to help control the potency and taste of each bite.

Zen and the Art of Edibles

  • Start slowly, especially if you’re not accustomed to edibles. Try half and wait an hour and half before nibbling any more

  • Know your limits. If you’re a newby, you’ve likely got less tolerance than an experienced user, so don’t try to keep up.
  • Chill. It can sometimes take over an hour to feel the effect, so don’t get impatient if you’re 1 minute in and wondering what’s up.
  • Seriously, chill. Your environment can greatly affect your experience, so find a comfortable place so you don’t miss the bliss
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